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next exhibition in April 2014 Home Hotel, Buenos AIres, Argentina

Space is a construction. And this applies to Claudia Vivero´s work where the factor that determines space and its dynamism is color: the way in which the pigments are combined, the tones, the chromatic interaction, color per se as an object, create spatial situations where the work is integrated with the viewer.
The "Superpuestos" series is the work Claudia has being developing for four years: a kind of textile collage of painted fabrics, cut, pasted, overlapped, where abstraction prevails, combining textures, setting a chromatic and sensitive dialogue from a visual and sensitive point of view. She says: "Guided by the emotion that color suggests, I seek for a beautiful effect of the basic materials of paint -color and form- to suggest a new space within the space in which the works are installed".
I said ones about Claudia´s work –and I still believe it – that even if they are small, circular, rectangular or perfect squares, her series grow slowly, surely and with a common factor that links them, showing a particular and characteristic aesthetic. The work´s pace, the internal structure and the space that contains it, it´s all defined by color. From the rigorous but apparent geometry of the vinyl on acrylic, the paints and the textile collages where the "tone over tone" of the compositional juxtaposition creates the entire sense, Claudia Vivero increasingly reinforces in abstraction and invites to enter her works, her installations and get lost in an almost playful space. Nevertheless, randomness is controlled, overflows are contained with stitches, the colors are designed according to their combination and the disposition of small format works, create a higher speech when they strengthen each other, all together on the wall. Color alchemy permanently makes its way in her work; it organizes, defines and establishes our visual and spatial trajectory.

Lic. Maria Carolina Baulo